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Customized Carrying Cases

There are a huge variety of customized carrying cases we can make for you. Badger Case has converted 100's of stock cases into custom tailored solutions for our customers.

What we can customize:

  • Interior Custom Foam
  • Partitions
  • Custom Hardware and Circuitry
  • Electrical and Digital Inputs
  • Liner Material
  • Foam Color
  • Handles
  • And more

We can get molded carrying cases with wheels. Need a custom color? We can get it. Just fill out the quote form to get your particular case project started.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and resources allow us to provide you with a case solution for your simple or extremely complex case project.

Our sales staff and engineers can guide you through the custom design process to develop a case solution that meets your every requirement. Looking to customize a blow molded Pelican Case? Badger case can do it. We also customize injection molded, rotational molded, or vacuum formed cases.

Some of the Areas You Can Customize

Types of Customized Carrying Cases

Brands Of Case We Customize