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"Just received the raid cases and could not be any happier (and relieved) than right now!

Excellent cases and everything fits just how I envisioned. The middle section with the handles worked out greater than expected.

Boss is super excited and all is well. Look forward to working with you all in the future when we get more equipment."

Lighting Professors

"We got the case and the simulator fits perfectly, tell everyone that they did an awesome job, well done!"

Castle Rock Safety Consultants

"We received the six shipping cases today. Thanks to you and your company for the great quality and delivery schedule as promised."

GE Medical

“Thanks for the excellent craftsmanship and the quick turnaround. In fact, they're so good that I want to order a second pair.”

Wisconsin Historical Society

Micheal Edmonds, Deputy Director

“Badger Case is the best at designing custom instrumental cases. The process was very simple and quick.”

Micheal McCameron

Professional Musician

"Wow, your design is amazing and the case is perfect. "



"Their carrying cases are incredible, I love the design."

Tony Snow

Travel Agent

"Beautiful work, thank you very much. Everything fits perfectly and I’m really enjoying the portability. Thanks again."

Whilden H.

Personal Use

"People always look on with a little surprise when we create such a big display out of our little case we come to a market with! And the case itself makes a perfect dunnage rack to keep others thing off the ground with under our table, thanks again."

Abram Faber, Clear Flour Bread

Food Service Industry

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The new state of the art production facility emphasizes on continually and designing the highest quality custom cases. Let us talk about how we can find a solution for your business... building the right case.