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When huge stars want lighted cases - they go to Badger


When top pro teams need a custom case - they call Badger


When top manufacturers need a powered case for computers and devices - they call Badger

The Trusted Builder of Custom Cases Since 1958

We build 1000's of complex custom cases every year. From professional sports teams to super star concert tours or Fortune 500 companies we build them. Custom foam inserts? We make them. Need electric or digital inputs? We will wire it up. All in days work for the professionals at Badger Case.

Complete custom made flight cases for you.

Badger makes your life easier with professional trade show cases.

We can make your wardrobe case custom to your exact specifications.

Complete custom insert solutions for any carrying cases.

Professional Grade shipping crates that can be used 100's of times.

Medical cases custom made to fit any type of medical application.

Complete custom case solutions for your product and sales demonstrations.

We can custom design a CAD Drawing and case solution for your parts.

Complete custom travel and case solutions for your training and sales needs.

We can custom design any travel case solution. Just ask!


We custom build ATA flight cases to protect your belongings when travelling. Our cases are also known as road cases, trunk cases or tour cases. If you have a need for trusted durable cases for travel, we can make it. First of all, we excel at making highly custom foam inserts. Furthermore, we are trusted partners in building fully wired cases for digital and electronic manufacturers. Most of all, we consistently outperform others by producing top rated products and personalized customer service. We have made cases for professional sports teams, super star performers and tours, Fortune 500 Companies all they way to small companies and individuals.

Our Experience

Badger Case has been in business since 1958. We’ve evolved from leather goods to the latest in case design and functionality.

Electronic Capability

We build electronic cases with interactive sales and training demos to help you sell more product.

3D Design Software

We provide you a 3D Solidworks drawing with our quotes so you can visualize the case.


We build what others don't or won’t.

Customer Service

You remain our number one priority. When you call Badger Case, you’ll reach a live person that will help you meet your needs.


We can accommodate quick turnaround schedules.

A Few Of Our Many Customers

Custom Case Manufacturer Customers
Badger Case
Phone: 800-324-4446
Fax: 262-268-9952
600 Dekora Woods Blvd.
Saukville, WI 53080